Ford Dedication Statement

Because I believe that all our possessions belong to God and that we are responsible to Him for their wise use and administration as His stewards,

Because I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is the chief institution through which the will of God is being sought and accomplished, and that the Congregational Churches of Washington and Idaho are a part of that institution,

Because I believe in the potentialities of youth of this and all generations to come, for the building of the Kingdom of God, where brotherly love shall be a reality and the will of God shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven,

It gives me a deep satisfaction to present these grounds to the State Conference of the Congregational Churches of the States of Washington and North Idaho that these potentialities of the youth of the Church may be developed under the wise and competent leadership of the State Conference.

May it be in the years to come a place where wills are strengthened, imaginations kindled and lives dedicated to the service of God, as well as a place where friendships are formed which will bring happy memories in the years to come.

To me, the giving of it is a dream long held and finally realized.

Rev. Arthur Ford
July 10, 1939